Here’s what some people are saying about ol’ Dafe and his music. To leave feedback, or just to check what’s for supper, contact Dafe.

Article: “Former Nashville songwriter puts out children’s CD”
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 8/10/2008

It’s about as much fun as kids ought to be allowed to have, and it is totally sweet without being saccharine.


“He’s still a kid at heart after all these years”
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 6/22/2008


Hey–listening to your cd. It is sensational. Thought I might be ever-so-slightly bored with kid songs, you know, but they are so delightful! Recommending to all my friends…


– Christine W.


My daughter asked for a guitar for Christmas so she could play and sing like Dafe at school. Here, she is on Christmas morning gleefully singing “My Flea Lee” along with the CD that was in her stocking. She later flipped over the guitar to use as a drum, just like Dafe does, and started rapping the “Five Monkeys” song. She wrapped up the act by telling us goodbye; she had to go sing to another class of friends. Thanks, Dafe, for sharing the music.

– Jane (mom to a devoted fan)


Article: “Northsider Releases Children’s CD”
Northside Sun, 12/13/2007


We love the CD, and we will spread the word!

– Elizabeth H., mother of twins


I’ve been an admirer of the wit and wisdom of Dafe’s songwriting for years, and am enjoying his entry into the children’s genre, “Hold Your Nose When You Swallow a Goat”. My tweenagers are a little older than the target audience, but we found that there’s something for everyone here. So to anyone who is young, young at heart, or who just enjoys listening to a humorous outlook on life, I say, “Check out Dafe.”


– William E.
Memphis, TN


David Womack has shared his music with the children of Galloway Children’s Center for ten years. Our Center ministers to young children beginning as infants until they are ready for 5 year old kindergarten. David enables very young children to express themselves in positive ways before they have extensive verbal skills. Dancing, responsive songs and descriptive motions all add to the fun of his music.


David has influenced a generation with his music. It will truly be interesting to see how many accomplished singers and guitarist growing up at Galloway will grace their worlds. Most assuredly, all children exposed to his music will have an appreciation for rhyme and lyrics, the soul of music.


– Sharon Briggs
Galloway United Methodist Early Child Developement Center