Dafe: A Short Bio

During his “Blue” Period

David Womack is an award winning ASCAP songwriter and publisher. He spent eleven years in Nashville employed by Sony/ATV, where he studied the various philosophies of country music. While living in Nashville, David co-wrote “Blue Highway”, which was recorded by John Conlee and is considered one of Conlee’s greatest hits.

Outstanding in his field.

In 1988, he returned to his home in Mississippi where he became involved in co-producing a children’s CD (Holidays and Other Fun Stuff by Helen Moffat) which received a Parents’ Choice Award. He then joined forces with his close friend, Frank Wood, to compose two musicals, Eden (1994) and Shooting Stars (1996), which were the recipients of the Eudora Welty New Play Series at New Stage Theater. He then released The Guru of Kudzu, a collection of songs about growing up in the Deep South.

Dafe today, surrounded.

In recent years, David turned his attention to his family while his father was stricken with Alzheimers. He continued to play in various bands in the area and became the teacher at Galloway United Methodist Church’s early childhood development center. He continues to write, and has released two CDs of the songs that he teaches and performs at the center for his kids titled, Hold Your Nose When You Swallow a Goat, and I’ve Got a Bo Bo On My Toe Toe.

In addition to his own record and CD releases, David has had songs recorded by John Conlee, Loretta Lynn, Lou Reid and Don Henry.