dafe, also known in some circles as David Womack, is a singer/songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi.
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*** News ***

NOW AVAILABLE: Dafe's new CD I've Got A Bo Bo On My Toe Toe. Click here for details.


HEY PARENTS! David's "grown-up" project Guru of Kudzu, newly remastered, is available for sale via the Buy | Online/Direct link on this website, and on CDBaby and iTunes!


Dafe Womack's Hold Your Nose When You Swallow a Goat is a "Parents’ Choice Approved" Award Winner! Click here for details.

To buy your copy from one of the fine local retailers who carry it, click here for store locations. Or, buy online from either CDBaby.com or iTunes. Otherwise, to order your copy direct from ol' Dafe, click here.


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